Second Collection Next Weekend For The Retirement Fund For Religious

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"Whatever needs doing, whether it's scrubbing floors or teaching children, I'm happy  to do it," says Sister John Margaret Walsh, 76.  Serving others has been a way of life for her since she entered the Congregation of Divine Providence some sixty years ago.  Though retired, Sister John Margaret's days remain filled with prayer and ministry - whatever needs doing.  "Do all you can," she says, "and leave the rest to God."Sister John Margaret Walsh

A lifetime of prayer and service unites Sister John Margaret with nearly 34,000 Senior Sisters, Brothers, and Religious Order Priests who benefit from the Retirement Fund for Religious.  Like Sister John Margaret, they often ministered for little pay, resulting in today's shortage of retirement savings.  Your gift to the Retirement Fund for Religious helps provide prescription medications, nursing care, and more.  Please be generous in next weekend's (December 7th and 8th), Second Collection.