Rite Of Christian Initiation Of Adults

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Last Sunday, February 7th, at the 11AM Mass, Fr. Paul celebrated the Rite of Sending for Election of Terry Perez and Dennis Holley.

Their Sponsors, Richard Marek, Alejandro Rivera, Gaston Placa, as well as the RCIA Team publicly affirmed their candidates’ readiness to be presented to the Bishop for the Rite of Election. Fr. Paul accepted their testimony in the name of Christ, and sent them to the Bishop. RCIA

When Mass concluded, the candidates traveled with their families, sponsors, and team to Holy Name Cathedral for the Rite of Election with Bishop Andrew Wypych. He shook hands with each candidate, welcomed them into the sanctuary, and then spoke to the candidates from our Parish, as well as others present from the Chicago Archdiocese, urging them to live in deeper harmony to the life of Christ.

After sponsors and team members voiced together their candidates’ readiness and approval, Bishop Wypych called the candidates to the Easter Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. He pronounced them the “Elect” (those who are ‘called’), and invited them to complete the intense preparation yet required of them during this Lenten season with open and sincere hearts.  Our Elect will celebrate the Easter Sacraments at the Easter Vigil, on March 26th.

Will you please keep all of our candidates in your daily prayers during Lent?  Perhaps you may even choose to pray for one person or family in particular, and include them in your family prayers before meals.

You will find their pictures, as well as those of their sponsors (those who journey every step of the way with their candidates to support them during the year), in the southwest vestibule of the Church.  Their pictures will put faces on the people for whom you’re praying, and hopefully their pictures will help you recognize them, so you can introduce yourselves when you see them.  They are looking forward to knowing you and becoming part of our Parish family