RCIA – Rite Of Christian Initiation Of Adults

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This Sunday, March 10th, at the 11AM Mass, our RCIA Catechumens, David Hall and Crystal Ramirez, and our Candidate, Irma Crist, will be celebrating the Rite of Sending here at Our Lady of Humility for the Rite of Election and the Rite of Calling The Candidates to Continuing Conversion later today at Holy Name Cathedral. The Rite of Sending at our Parish gives us the opportunity to pray for our Catechumens and Candidate as Fr. Paul accepts the testimony of their Sponsors and the community, and sends them forth to the Cathedral.

After Mass, our Catechumens and Candidate along with their Sponsors, family, and members of the RCIA Team, will travel to Holy Name Cathedral where Bishop Manz will hear the testimony of David, Crystal, and Irma. For David and Crystal, they will officially be declared a member of the Elect to enter the final period of preparation to receive their Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist). Irma, having already been baptized, will confirm her intention to be fully initiated, and to share in the Eucharist. Bishop Manz will exhort them to be faithful to their baptismal promises as they enter the final period of preparation to be received into full communion of the Catholic Church, and Irma to complete her initiation with Confirmation.

Please pray for all Catechumens and Candidates, their Sponsors, and the RCIA Team, as they continue their journey of faith.