RCIA – Rite Of Christian Initiation Of Adults

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This Sunday, March 24th, at the 9AM Mass, the RCIA Elect will celebrate their First Scrutiny Rite.

The Scrutiny Rites are celebrated on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th weekends of Lent, each at a different Mass. The Priest asks God to protect them from vanity, to defend them from the power of Satan, to free them from deceit, to admit the wrongs they have done that they may gain a pure heart. He then lays his hands on the heads of each of the Elect in an ancient sign of forgiving, healing, and empowerment.

The Scrutinies ask us to look within ourselves to uncover what is weak and keeping us from Christ, to look to bring out what is good and upright in our hearts, and then to look to Christ to heal our weaknesses, and give each of us new strength to face further temptations.

And because ALL OF US will renew our Baptism promises at Easter, we too examine our lives. We celebrate Scrutinies to keep fresh our hunger for grace and growth. We look at our life’s path forward, and mark out the way we want to go. During this season of Lent, Catechumens, David Hall and Crystal Ramirez, and our Candidate, Irma Crist, are our reminder and example of faith.

Please pray for them and their families as they continue their formation to live life in the Catholic Faith.

Their pictures along with their sponsors await you in the southwest vestibule of the Church. Having a face to match their names, always seems to help when praying. Thank you very much for your welcome, your support, your example, and your prayers.