OLH Teen Ministry: Catholic HEART Workcamp

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The OLH Teen Ministry is participating in Catholic HEART Workcamp June 16th-21st, 2019. Again we are seeking to raise funds for the Service Trip. The Registration Fee for each camper is $380. They are raising funds through group fundraisers, individual fundraisers, money from their own jobs, and requests for support from family and friends. Each year we have requested support from parishioners in our Parish Sponsor Appeal, and the response has been wonderful. We are again asking for your support. If you wish to help sponsor our campers, please write your check (for any amount) to: “Our Lady of Humility” (please write HEART Workcamp on the Memo Line so that it will be credited to the right fund); put it in the colored envelopes marked “HEART” at the exits of the Church, and place the envelope in the Collection Basket. If you cannot be a Financial Sponsor, we ask that you be a Prayer Sponsor in praying for our teens while they are preparing for HEART Workcamp, and while they are doing God’s work this summer.

catholic heart workcamp

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