Nametag Weekend

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On Saturday, May 18th, and Sunday, May 19th, (next weekend) the Hospitality Ministry Team will be hosting “Nametag Weekend”.

As we all know, many of us see the same people at Church every Sunday, but never get to know their name or anything about them.

On this weekend, we will have tables setup at the East entrance and in the back near the West entrance. On the tables there will be small self-adhesive nametags and colored markers.

Before heading for your favorite pew, please take a moment to stop by one of the tables and make yourself a nametag. You can put your first and last name, or just your first name if you prefer. If you would like to, you could put a little drawing next to your name telling something about you, such as a book if you like to read, or maybe a bowling ball if you like to bowl.

This activity is part of the Renew My Church Initiative, and the purpose is to promote community and foster fellowship.

We would really appreciate your participation, and welcome any comments or suggestions you might have.