Sunday Mass, March 22, at 9 AM, Streaming Live (REPLAY)

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If you missed the Live Stream, click on this link below "Replay to Watch..."

REPLAY to Watch 9AM Mass

You do not need to join or login to Facebook. Click on the video to start, then wait. Father Paul will start in about 7 mins of the video and will start mass.

Please tune in and check the website for more updated information and future live stream and share to others. We appreciate your patience in this challenging times.

Please continue to pray.

"May God shine the Light of the World for Healing and Peace to All"....Thank you,

Please pass the word that Mass will be streamed live at OLH tomorrow, Sunday, March 22nd at 9 AM. You do not need to have / use facebook to watch the Mass with the following link:

God Bless,

Fr. Paul