Information About OLH Parking Lot Mass

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To attend the parking lot Mass at OLH you must reserve a parking space “by family name” on the signup genius posted on the Parish website each week.

Fifty cars will be allowed for each Mass and can begin arriving at 10:30 AM.  Everyone will enter through the Southern Entrance off Liberty St.  You can reach this entrance by turning on to North Ave. off of Wadsworth Rd. and following it around to Liberty Ave.  North Ave. is the first road just east of the Church entrances. A KC member will greet you, check off your name on the attendance list and direct you towards another KC member who will be guiding you into a parking spot.

Cars will be parked in every other parking spot, to maintain social distancing.  You will remain in your cars and tune to FM Station 95.3 and listen to the Mass.

To receive Holy Communion time, please receive sanitizer from KC members who will go car-to-car distributing sanitizer to anyone who would like to receive the Eucharist.  Simply roll down your window to receive the sanitizer and Holy Communion.  Car passengers should be wearing their masks at this time.

There will be an opportunity to make a free-will donation either during the Mass or before exiting.

After the Final Blessing, cars will be ushered out of the Northern Entrance of the parking lot, off of Wadsworth Road.

If anyone has questions or concerns about this process please call the rectory at 847-872-8778.

Thank you,

Fr. Paul , OLH Staff, and the Knights of Columbus