St. Mary Mission Pick-up Is Returning!

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On Monday, October 19th, St. Mary Mission Pick-up will be here to collect any used or damaged religious articles that people want to donate.

They take the items, refurbish them if needed, and distribute them to other groups in need of them. The Mission started after Hurricane Katrina, when they gathered up all of the religious articles that they could find, and brought them down to those people who had lost everything.

Below is a list of items they will accept. We will have a large box in the East Vestibule of the Church for people to drop their items into on the weekends, or they can stop by the Rectory during the week to drop them off, Monday through Friday during office hours. We will accept donations through Sunday, October 18th.

Items that we will accept are: Statues, Rosaries (damaged ok), Vestments (any condition), Chalices (pottery ok), Altar Ware, Candle Sticks/Candle Racks, Tabernacles, Relics, Monstrances, Altar Stones, Holy Medals, Holy Cards, Linens, Paraments, Framed Pictures, and Prayer Books.