A Note From The Pastor

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I hope you all enjoyed a very Happy Easter with family and friends. I am so grateful to all who made our celebrations so solemn and uplifting: Special Thanks to our Director of Music, Angela Conover, along with the musicians and choir for the absolutely beautiful and heavenly music. Great Gratitude to our dedicated Greeters, fulfilling so many responsibilities and last minute requests.

Thanks to our Sacristans, and to our Art and Environment Group for preparing and decorating the Church.

This weekend we celebrate the Second Sunday of Easter. On April 30, 2000, when he canonized St. Faustina, Pope St. John Paul II solemnly declared this Sunday “Divine Mercy Sunday”. St. John Paul described this day with these words: “In a special way, it is the Sunday of thanksgiving for all of the goodness that God has shown us in the whole Easter mystery.”

This Sunday, April 11th, we will have a Holy Hour from 3PM until 4PM in the Church. I will hear Confessions beginning at 3PM. Please note that I will be the only priest available for Confessions on that day/time at OLH. Because of this, now would be a good time to mention one of the Church’s guidelines from the Code of Canon Law regarding going to Confession, especially whenever there are long lines with people waiting to have their Confessions heard. When going to Confession, one is only required to confess grave (mortal) sins along with the number of times that that sin was committed. While confession of venial sins is recommended, it is not required. So, Confession is not time for spiritual direction. Also, please avoid giving unnecessary details: Just state the sin or sins, and, for serious (mortal) sins, the number of times the sin was committed.

Please consider attending this Holy Hour. The Lord Jesus promised St. Faustina great graces to those who go to Confession (as close to the Feast as possible, or within one week) and receive Holy Communion on this day.

We will also have the Image of Divine Mercy at the Holy Hour. It will be blessed beforehand, and an opportunity will be given for people to venerate it afterwards, as our Lord had asked St. Faustina. Great mercy is available for those who approach and venerate the Image with trust in Jesus’ mercy.

As a reminder, we have additional copies of Allen Hunt’s book, “Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody: 12 Stories of Real People Who Discovered the Life-Changing Power of Grace (New and Expanded Third Edition)”. Copies in Spanish are also available (Todos Necesitamos Perdonar A Alguien). It makes great reading to really live Jesus’ message of Divine Mercy for the world.

God Bless,

Fr. Paul