OLH Bingo Is Back

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Yes, you read it right. OLH is trying to bring back their popular fundraiser, Saturday Night Bingo.

Due to a drastic lack of volunteers, we are at this time only offering Bingo on Saturday, June 12th, and Saturday, June 26th. Doors will open at 4PM, and the games will begin at 7PM.

If we can get at least seven more people to volunteer, we will continue with Bingo on the Second and Fourth Saturdays of each month. Bingo has been a major source of fundraising for our School for many years, and a nice social gathering for our community. A person would only need to volunteer one Saturday a month.

Chuck Roberts has been our Bingo Coordinator for the last fifteen years, but due to other commitments and health concerns, he is going to have to step down very soon. Anyone interested in training for this position under Chuck’s guidance, please call the Parish Rectory at: (847) 872-8778.

We want to thank Chuck for all of his hard work and dedication for all of these years!