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Many of you have asked me to weigh in on the mRNA COVID shot mandates; in some cases, people will lose their jobs if they do not receive the shot. Some companies are allowing the unvaccinated to continue working as long as they go for weekly testing, which many find as unjust and harassment; in some cases, employers are forcing the employees to pay for the testing. Mandating the mRNA COVID shots is obviously unethical and a violation of a person’s rights. Consider the following.

Vaccines. It is somewhat misleading to refer to the mRNA COVID shots as “vaccines,” even though the COVID shots meet the CDC’s new definition of vaccination. These shots are radically different from any previously-approved vaccines.

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations states “that the normal timescale for vaccine development is between ten and 15 years. Prior to the Covid-19 vaccines, the record for vaccine development was four years for the mumps treatment, which emerged in 1967 (emphasis added).”1 By contrast, the mRNA COVID shots received Emergency Use Authorization in only eight months,2 followed by full FDA approval after another eight months—that’s a total of sixteen months for a radically different kind of “vaccine.” Just because the FDA has approved the mRNA COVID shots in no way changes the fact that they are experimental; informed consent still applies. I am well aware that scientists have been doing research into mRNA for many years, but there’s a difference between hypotheses drawn from research, and conclusions drawn from real-world data from a randomized controlled test or observational studies. Scientists can hypothesize all they want—that’s why we have the scientific method: to test those hypotheses!  We have no real-world, long-term studies regarding the safety of the mRNA COVID shots, and given that they are so different from all previously-approved vaccines, it is understandable that people are concerned.

The Case of Israel. In terms of real-world data, Israel is ahead of the world as they began mass vaccination on December 19, 2020; Israel almost exclusively has vaccinated the people with the Pfizer COVID shot. “As of June 26, 2021, about 64% of eligible Israelis have received at least one dose (and a world-leading 60% with two doses), making Israel one of the populations with the highest vaccination rates in the world per capita.”3

Last Friday, September 17th, the FDA held its Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research’s (CBER) 167th Meeting of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee. At that meeting, Professor Retsef Levi (MIT Sloan School of Management) made the following comments about Israel when discussing whether or not to approve booster shots: “The problem is that by now we already know from mounting evidence that reaching herd-immunity based on the current (Pfizer) vaccine does not seem like a feasible or realistic goal. Not surprisingly … Israel continues to have among the highest infection rates per capita in the world.” So, at the same time, Israel has both one of the highest vaccination rates per capita in the world AND among the highest infection rates per capita in the world. We cannot vaccinate ourselves out of this pandemic. And from the data it’s obvious that the vaccinated are catching and spreading the virus as well—this is NOT a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Waning Immunity and Protection against Serious Illness. Last month Israel began administering third booster shots as the immunity for the Pfizer vaccine began to wane. About two months ago, Israel announced that the Pfizer COVID shot was only 39% effective, although it appears to still protect against severe illness.4 Nevertheless, U.S. officials have expressed “concern that ver time, the vaccines will provide less protection against severe disease, including among younger adults.

Natural Immunity. A recent study6 out of Israel overwhelmingly shows that natural immunity is far greater than immunity induced by the Pfizer mRNA COVID shot. A fully vaccinated person is a whopping twenty-seven times more likely to have a symptomatic breakthrough infection than an unvaccinated person who has previously recovered from COVID is to have a symptomatic reinfection. This finding prompted Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff to say that “vaccine mandates are not only scientific nonsense, they are also discriminatory and unethical.”7 Kulldorff is generally an advocate of vaccination, having served on a federal vaccine safety committee; however even “‘a slight risk of a serious vaccine adverse reaction could tip the benefit-risk calculation, making the vaccine more harmful than beneficial,’ he previously warned in an explanation of why children should not be vaccinated for COVID-19.”8

Putting this all Together. It’s obvious that there are many unknowns regarding COVID in general, and the mRNA COVID shots in particular. It is absurd to say that just because the FDA has approved COVID shots that they are no longer experimental. We have no long-term, real-world data on the safety of these shots; that’s a fact and there’s no way of getting around it. There are very real risks and side-effects associated with these experimental shots.

Recently Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla stated that “the company believes a COVID-19 vaccine-resistant variant will likely one day emerge, though the company has a system in place to turn around a variant-specific jab within some three months.”9 That’s another jab that people are going to be forced to take! This is crazy. And last month it was reported that Dr. Fauci and COVID vaccine makers, including Pfizer and Moderna, have repeatedly argued that everyone will eventually need a booster shot and potentially extra doses every year, just like for the seasonal flu.10 These mandates aren’t only about going and getting one or two experimental shots. And again, we have no long-term studies regarding repeatedly receiving experimental mRNA shots.

All of the aforementioned raises questions: How many booster shots will vaccinated people need? Every six months? What possibly new adverse reactions will we see with booster shots? What’s the long-term safety and efficacy? Why are we mandating vaccination for those who have recovered from COVID? What about natural immunity? Why are members of Congress, their staff, and all postal workers exempt from the mandate?

Experimental drugs do not enjoy the presumption of innocence. The onus is on pharmaceutical companies to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that their drugs are safe and effective, both in the short-term and long-term; that case hasn’t been made; there hasn’t been enough time. These mandates are unethical and a violation of human rights based on The Nuremberg Code’s principle of voluntary and informed consent. Let us pray that our leaders will awaken to this great injustice and drop the mandate.

God Bless,

Fr. Paul