Christ The King Holy Hour

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On the last Sunday of the liturgical year, November 21st, the Catholic Church will celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King. This Feast was designed to give special recognition of the dominion Christ Our Lord has over all aspects of our lives.

The rebellion of individuals and nations against the authority of Christ is causing tremendous social, political, and economic upheaval all over the world. Sadly, our country is also falling away from using traditional Christian principles in making laws, administering justice, and formulating educational policy to its own detriment.

In addition to our annual Christ The King Holy Hour beginning at 7PM, OLH will be offering an extended period of Eucharistic Adoration from 1PM until 7PM (Adorers are needed).  Here the faithful can implore Our Lord to pour forth His abundant graces not only for themselves, but for their neighbors; not only for their personal needs, but for those of the world.Christ the King2

We are all called to abide in the Eucharistic Presence of our Lord, like the Saints and Angels do in Heaven, as they behold the Glory of God, and sing His Praise! The Saints and Angels wait upon the Lord, and do His Will in all things. They also intercede for us before the Lord.

When we look upon the Sacred Host, we look at Jesus, the Son of God. Do we see Him in all His glory and majesty? Do our lips proclaim His praise? Are we open to the Will of God, and strive for perfection in our spiritual lives so that we, too, may one day join the company of Saints in Heaven?

Our Lord says that “we do not lose our faith, and then stop adoring Him, but rather we stop adoring Him, and so end up losing our faith.” Regular attendance at Eucharistic Adoration is a great way for people to keep their faith animated.

All are Welcome!