Eucharistic Adoration Adorers Needed

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We are in need of Eucharistic Adoration Committed Adorers on Thursdays from 2PM until 3PM, and 4PM until 5PM. We have now extended the hours of Adoration. It is now from 2PM until 6PM, and we need at least two Committed Adorers from 2-3PM and 4-5PM. Jesus is so grateful for any time that you can give. Even if you can come for only 5 minutes.

Please call the Rectory at: (847) 872-8778 if you are able to volunteer for this very meaningful time where you will have an opportunity to spend time with the Lord Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament each week where you can ASK HIM anything. Come, bring your whole family, spend some time with the Lord, and receive His blessings! He is waiting for you!