Outdoor Rosary Hosted By The Legion Of Mary And The Knights Of Columbus

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The Legion of Mary and the Knights of Columbus will be hosting an Outdoor Rosary on Sunday, May 15th, at 1PM. This Rosary is in honor of the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima. The Rosary will be prayed in the beautiful Rosary Garden Area (where the Stations of the Cross are, and which holds the statues of Our Lady of Fatima with the Children). Also, since May is the month dedicated to Mary, we are planning a Crowning of the Statue of Mary. We would like to get some grade school kids to volunteer to place a crown of flowers on Mary’s head, and to lead the procession into the grotto. This is also the monthly Donut Sunday, so you can stop by for a donut before going to the Rosary.

If you have children who would be interested in participating in the crowning, please contact Knights Grand Knight, John at: (847) 746-4584.