Thank You For Everything, Father Paul

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We are really going to miss you Father Paul!

Thank you for all of the Early Mornings you have been there for all of our Masses.

For all of the meetings you have attended, and for all of the middle of the night calls you answered. Thank you for the wise and spiritual counsel you gave to all of us.

For the patience, love, and sacrifice that you gave to Our Lady Of Humility Parish! We can’t Thank You enough for all the lives that you have touched, and for always giving us your All!

God truly Blessed our Parish, when he brought you here to Lead Us!

Now we know God has called you to serve another Parish, but we are really going to Miss You, and we want you to know that we won’t forget all that you have given us. We Wish You all of God’s Best in all of your new endeavors!

God Bless You Fr. Paul!