A Word From Father Wojciech Oleksy

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“Strive to enter through the narrow gate.” How different truly God’s logic is from our own. It seems that the larger the gate, the better because more people can enter through it safely. We see it at sport venues, airports, shopping malls, schools, churches, community buildings, and everywhere a large group of people gathers together. It simply makes sense to have as wide a gate as possible.

However, when we speak of spiritual life things are different. The true spiritual progress and transformation takes place in the solitude of our minds and hearts. The gate to both heart and mind is indeed narrow because it leads to the very core of who we are. It is in both our mind and heart that we touch the very essence of our existence. It is there that we learn the truth about ourselves, we discuss our plans and ideas, we experience our deepest feelings and desires. It is in this “sanctuary,” so to speak of our being that we ponder the miracle of life and its beauty. It is there that we meet God and listen to Him. That’s why the gate to that sacred space is narrow; so that it can be protected from the external influence.

When Jesus encourages us to enter through the narrow gate, He invites us to go on a journey inside of ourselves. This road may be challenging and bumpy. It may be filled with obstacles and unexpected turns. It may be a lonely and isolated expedition into our inner core. In our daily lives, we need wide gates to be able to enter safely, and to bring in and out things we need to live comfortably. In our spiritual lives, we leave it all at the very threshold of the gate to our inner self so we can focus on what’s right and necessary to live a good and virtuous life. It is also a sublime reminder that nothing of the things of this world will we bring with us into eternity. Everything we have, we cherish, we focus on in this life will be left here. The narrow gate thus gives us an opportunity to see what’s truly important, and how we ought to live our lives so that we can inherit God’s Kingdom.

As summer vacation comes to an end, our students will start showing up at St. Patrick’s School on August 22nd. We wish all the students, parents, teachers, educators, school administration, and staff a blessed and safe new school year.

Rev. Wojciech Oleksy

Our Lady of Humility and St. Patrick Parish