Happy Retirement After 40 Years Of Service!

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Most of us are lucky if we stay at the same job for 20 Years! Our Lady of Humility has been fortunate enough to have Laurie Mercure as part of the Parish Staff for the last 40 Years!

Throughout that time, Laurie has fulfilled many roles. She has been a Data Entry Person, the Bookkeeper, and the Scheduler for Lectors, Communion Ministers, and Altar Servers. All of this was done while she was performing the duties of a Deacon’s wife, coordinating the Bereavement Committee, and being an Advisor for the Chirp Program. She has worked with five of our pastors. Talk about multitasking! This lady has it down!

However, the most important thing that Laurie and Deacon Mike have done, is to always make us feel so loved and cared for. For many, many years she has been the smiling face with the big hugs for everyone that comes to the Rectory, and at the 9AM Mass. Laurie is so compassionate and friendly, that everyone feels comfortable talking with her. Luckily for us, Laurie isn’t leaving our Church, she is just retiring from the staff. She will still be available when we need her beautiful smile, or one of her big hugs.

We all wish you the very best in your retirement Laurie, it is very well deserved! God bless you in that you have done and continue to do for our Church and our Church Community!