New Weekday Mass Schedule

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Due to the fact that as of October 1, I am the only full time priest at the parish, I have had to restructure our weekday Mass schedule for the Our Lady of Humility and St. Patrick Parish.  Please continue to support and pray for both churches in the parish and, if you haven’t already, consider celebrating Mass in the church you don’t normally attend.  All are welcome in both spaces!

Here is the new schedule, in effect starting this Monday, October 3:

Monday—8:00 AM at Our Lady of Humility

Tuesday—8:30 AM at St. Patrick (School Mass)

Wednesday—No Mass at either site

Thursday—8:30 AM St Patrick

Friday—8:45 AM at Our Lady of Humility (School Mass)

Please follow the bulletin, parish website, Facebook and Twitter for a new WEEKEND Mass schedule that will be revised with the help of the Unification Committee (which is made up of parishioners from both churches to help ease us through this transition period) and will be published soon.