A Thank You Note From Fr. Charles Ssennyondo

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Dear Our Lady of Humility/St. Patrick Parishioners,

I bring the Kasana-Luweero Diocese heartfelt gratitude to all OLH Parishioners for their continued support for our seminarians. Many of these candidates have been able to make it to this level because of your support.

May God bless each of you. We ask for your prayers that the Lord may give these young men to the Church, and that they may be worthy servants.

Wishing you a Happy 2023.

In Christ,

Kasana-Luweero Diocese Priestly And Transitional Diaconate Ordinations On January 21, 2023


  1.  Deacon Gideon Matovu, St. Mbaaga 
  2.  Deacon Francis Luboneza, St. Mary
  3.  Deacon Tonny Ssekimpi, St. Paul
  4.  Deacon Paul Sande Kafeero, St. Paul
  5.  Deacon Robert Kayiwa, Urbaniana, Rome
  6.  Deacon Cyrus Habomugisha, St. Mary
  7.  Deacon Brian Luyombya, St. Mbaaga
  8.  Deacon Frank Mugga, St. Mbaaga

Transitional Diaconate

  1.  Seminarian Denis Kakooza, St. Mbaaga
  2.  Seminarian Eria Kayonga, St. Mbaaga
  3.  Seminarian Christopher Kibuuka, St. Mary
  4.  Seminarian Anthony Kirumira, St. Mbaaga
  5.  Seminarian John Baptist Lakwonyero, St. Mary
  6.  Seminarian Mark Mugagga, St. Mbaaga

Our Lady Of Humility and St. Patrick Parish send our Congratulations to each of these men! May God bless each of you!