Christmas Remembrance

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The Advent season is filled with hopeful anticipation looking forward to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  As we celebrate, flowers and festive decorations become an important part of our homes, as well as our Church environment.  It is also a time when we most miss family and friends who have gone before us here on earth. In their lifetime, they gave us a gift of themselves, and now, we can remember them and all our loved ones by making a donation for flowersPoinsettia Plant1 in their name as they continue to remain alive in us, especially during this Christmas season.

The names of those you wish to be remembered will be listed in the bulletin. To participate, please fill out the envelopes at the doors of the Church with your donation and memorial by:

Monday, December 18th.

Donations may be deposited in the Sunday Collection Basket (please place in either the envelope provided by the doors of the Church, or in a plain envelope marked “Flower Offering”), or the envelope may be dropped off at the Rectory.