We are the people of Our Lady of Humility Church, a branch of the one vine, the Risen Lord Jesus. We are a people led by a living God, joined together through Jesus Christ, empowered by His Holy Spirit to be His Church. We are called to share the Gospel of Jesus, and to continue His good works. In joy, we celebrate this relationship with the Lord, and with one another in the Roman Catholic tradition of faith.

As the disciples of long ago heard the Lord’s call to be ministers of His good news, we are called upon to be disciples in our own time. We are Christians in mind, body, and spirit. Christ is the center of our lives, a model for us to imitate.

Through Him we are intimately bound together and compelled to love, comfort, and care for one another. Through His presence we teach and nurture all in our Parish Family, young and old, in the ways of the Lord Jesus.

With Him we are called to minister in service to others. We strive to be aware of the needs of the people in our community, and to care for the least of our brothers and sisters.

In Him we reach out to be a positive force in the world, using our talents to work for change where needed, becoming actively involved as a unified voice against wrong-doing, and promoting Christian values wherever we may be.

In the unity of the Holy Spirit, we cannot experience the good news without the desire to pass it on. Guided by the Spirit, we reach out to welcome those near and far, those who have never heard of the Lord Jesus, and those who have been alienated from the church.
With the help and intercession of Our Lady of Humility, we pledge our work, our ministry, and prayer together that all glory
and honor be given to God, our almighty Father, forever and ever.