Take advantage of "belonging" to your Parish. Register. Use the packets found in Church at all the doors to register or download the registration form, poke around the website and contact us to be a member of our wonderful community.

Thank you and welcome to Our Lady of Humility!

We warmly welcome all who come to our parish.

We welcome the stranger, the traveler and guest!

We welcome parishioners who moved far away but have come back for a visit, joining us as old friends and guests!

We welcome all who have not been active of late in their Catholic faith; and we hope they will find new hope and inspiration and warmth with us as a parish family.

We welcome all parishioners, active and faithful, who work so hard to make our parish truly a "family" - trying to live in the ways of the Lord!

May our coming together - today and everyday - gladden our hearts and deepen our bonds of affection.

After all, we are one People of God - redeemed by the Lord.

May we walk with the Lord and one another - together in love!