We at OLH are rich with warm welcome, rich with diversity, rich with open hearts and open minds, rich with parish volunteers, staff, and leadership. We are rich with prayer; we are rich with love and we are rich with the Holy Spirit.Stewardship

We are called to receive God’s gifts gratefully, to cultivate God’s gifts responsibly, to share God’s gifts lovingly with others, and to return God’s gifts with increase to God. This is a call for us to recognize first, that all we are, and everything we have is a gift from God, and second, that our blessings call for a responsibility in service to others. It is our shared commitment to God and to each other that directs our mission.

The donations received at OLH are used to expand ministries, compensate our staff, maintain our campus, and pay our utilities, among a few items. We ask all parishioners to commit to regular, planned, sacrificial giving through the offertory collections. We suggest that you plan your gift as part of your monthly budget. We pray that each Parish family will realize the importance of making these choices and following through on their commitments.

You can give by placing your envelope in the collection basket each week.


Unless you request otherwise, each registered family will receive a packet of envelopes approximately every 8 weeks. If you are not receiving envelopes via mail and you wish to do so, simply email our staff and request offertory envelopes to be sent to you. Email us at olhoffice@ourladyofhumility.org or call the Rectory at (847) 872-8778.




We appreciate the generous support we receive from our parishioners. For tax purposes, we will mail receipts for all contributions made by electronic contributions, check or weekly envelopes at the end of each year—by the end of January.