The Human Concerns Commission responds to the call to serve the needs of others in the church, in the community, and throughout the world. It promotes and defends the dignity of each human person. It focuses on our response as a parish to the needs of the economically poor, the disabled, the marginal, and the fragile, assuring that all people are invited to be full participants in the faith community.
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Anointing Of The Sick
This special sacrament calls upon the healing power of the Lord to touch those who are ill, or receiving ongoing medical treatment. The sacrament acknowledges a need for healing from Christ. Anointing of the Sick is offered by our Priests at special Masses during the year, or by special requests.
Area Nursing Homes
Our Lady of Humility’s Ministers of Care assist in providing Pastoral Care.
Food Pantry
Serving the communities of Winthrop Harbor, Zion and Beach Park -The Food Pantry serves as an emergency food source, and as a referral service for other assistance requests. Our Food Pantry is open two mornings a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) from 9AM until 10:30AM. The person requesting the food, must call before coming to the Pantry. Our Food Pantry is run by Jeanette Eames.
Funeral Luncheon
Hospital Care
When a parishioner is hospitalized, our community of faith wants to remember that person in a special way. Please let the Rectory know if you, or someone in your family, has been hospitalized and wishes to be remembered in prayer or the sacraments.
Helping Hands Of Our Lady
This vital group in our Parish assists persons in distressed circumstances with emergency utility and rent expenses, medications, and other urgent needs. The Helping Hands of Our Lady receives cash donations, as well as donations of clothing, furniture, and other goods, and distributes them to those in need. Each case is reviewed by a board of parishioners who ultimately decide to the availability and extent of any assistance provided.
Cancer Treatment Center
Our Lady of Humility has primary responsibility for hospital care at this hospital within our Parish boundaries. A Minister of Care visits the hospital with Communion on Saturdays and Sundays.
Military Support Group
Other Hospitals
Other area hospitals are visited by nearby neighboring Catholic parishes. If there is a request for a visit from someone from Our Lady of Humility at these facilities, please inform the Rectory of the situation.
Respect Life
Interested parishioners work toward the protection of the right to life of all, especially the unborn. Assistance is available to support the right to life. The first Saturday of each month, they have a Rosary after the 8AM Mass. Contact the Rectory for additional information.
Sharing Parish – St. Martin DePorres High School
In an effort to be mutually supportive of parish communities whose income level is low due to poverty or other causes, the Archdiocese initiated a ‘Sharing Parish’ Program. Our Sharing Parish is presently St. Martin DePorres High School in Waukegan, a parish school of lower income families and multi-cultural people. Our Sharing Parish gifts support the mission and needs of this Catholic educational institution.
Soup Kitchen
Parish volunteers prepare and serve food to the needy at St. Bartholomew’s Church every fourth Thursday of the month.
Vista East (Formerly Victory Memorial) Hospital
This facility is visited by St. Anastasia Parish. Their Priests and Ministers of Care visit regularly throughout the week. Requests for communion can be made through the desk or chaplain’s office. As they are able, Our Lady of Humility Ministers of Care do their best to visit patients in the hospital that are registered as Catholics at Our Lady of Humility Parish. The hospital calls the Rectory and gives the names of those patients.
Vista West (Formerly St. Therese) Hospital
Patients at Vista West are cared for by their own chaplain(s), or a neighboring parish. Again, if you are missed in the rounds for communion, please let the desk or chaplain’s office know.