The Parish Life Commission helps build a community in the Parish, and foster a sense of belonging. It helps bring freshness of vision into Parish activities or organizations. It helps promote communication between Parish organizations by coordinating activities and Parish events, as well as by helping all those involved in Parish groups to work together towards a common goal. It encourages family life programs, community activities, and activities which build a spirit of unity.

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40's, 50's & Better
This group promotes spiritual, educational, and social activities optimized especially for our more seasoned parishioners. They have monthly activities and dinners.

Adult Sports team (Golf, Bowling, Softball)
Our Lady of Humility has Adult Sports Teams that raise money to help support the School. Michael Jones is the contact for these activities.

Christ First Youth Ministry
Christ First Teen Ministry is a teen group that is run by teens for teens. This isn't your average teen ministry and this is not like your religious education class or religion class in grade school. This is a life changing place where you can grow in your faith with people your age and make lifeling friends. We do a lot in our community and a lot at Our Lady of Humility...Christ First Sunday, social events, service opportunities, overnighter, and so much more. You can help decide. So please, read on and join us this year!  Learn more...

CO-Ed Seniors
Our Co-Ed Seniors Group have a luncheon once a month for all Seniors. They have a speaker or an event, and then a luncheon. The luncheons are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Parish Center. All Seniors are welcome. Diana Jurista is the contact for the Co-Ed Seniors Group.

Family Life (Family Matters)
This ministry strives to make our Parish more sensitive to the complex reality of family, and, ultimately, toward placing families at the center of the Church’s life and mission. They do weekly articles for our Parish Bulletin. They also have activities for families during the year.

Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal organization dedicated to KnightsofColumbusfurthering and defending the Catholic Church in the United States by defending life, families, and the poor. The Knights meet here at the Church twice monthly. Membership in the Knights is open to all Catholic men. Click here to learn more.

Donut Sunday (Hospitality Ministry-Knights of Columbus)
These parishioners strive to build a spirit of hospitality in our Parish family by hosting gatherings and events that nurture our Parish as an extended family. The Donut Sunday event is a Parish favorite, hosted by the Our Lady of Humility Chapter of The Knights of Columbus. Donut Sunday is held on the 3rd Sunday of each month in the Parish Center.

Boys Scouts
Scouting is open to all young boys and girls in our Parish. Scouting encourages service to the community, and growth in leadership skills. Brownies, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Boy Boys ScoutsScout Troops all meet at Our Lady of Humility. Meetings are held at various times throughout the year. We welcome and encourage all Parish Children interested in scouting to contact the School. Our Lady of Humility has a very active Scouting Program. Joe Svoboda is the contact for Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts set up and take down Donut Sunday each month. Click here for more information.

Women's Club
The Women’s Club is a gathering of Our Lady of Humility women who participate in a variety of activities which include: social, spiritual, service projects, and fundraisers. The group ordinarily meets once monthly.

Young Adults
Theology on Tap Is a group of our Young Adults that meet during the summer to learn about our faith through spiritual and educational growth. It is also a group that helps get more of the Young Adults involved in our Parish. Helen and Tim Gondek are in charge of this group.