music333Liturgy And Music Notes   

Do you know how to sing? Do you play any musical instruments? Did you sing with your high school or college choir?  Perhaps you are an instrumentalist who misses playing with the orchestra or band?  Are you currently a student in chorus or band who would like to thank God for your talent by serving His people?

Come and share your talents in our choirs! Come and join us - you'll never know the blessings you're missing until you give it a try!

Music Ministry seeks to actively preserve the rich heritage of liturgical music, as well as to explore new musical directions that befit the spirit and dignity of the liturgy.  We have several very active choirs incorporating various styles of music for worship. These groups range in age, and rehearse on various days. A variety of musical skills including instrumentalists are sometimes utilized.  The ministry welcomes singers as well as instrumentalists.

Please contact Angela Conover at the Rectory at (847) 872-8778  if you are interested in this ministry.