OLH Religious Education Mission Statement

To help our children and their families continue the development of a personal relationship with Jesus begun by the Holy Spirit. RE-pic2


Our effort is to provide religious formation for children as well as adults. Formal religion classes begin with first grade and continue through eigth grade. Parents gather to study scripture and discuss ways to be more effective parents in passing on their faith to their children. Adults from the parish at large gather to share faith, study scripture, and attend preparation classes for sacraments.

Grades 1 - 8

1st - 8th Graders and their parents are using Finding God: Our Response to God's Gifts, published by Loyola Press. With a 2013 copyright, the authors carefully crafted a program to help catechists as they invite children and the significant adults in their lives into a deeper relationship with God and the Catholic Church in service to the world. Finding God weaves together experiences in prayer, liturgy for children and adults as individuals, families and as learners on a faith journey.

Additional Resources

The religion department has a wealth of children's books, DVDs, and videos. These help give a spark to the topic being covered. Each teacher adds his or her own personal touch in an effort to create a faith community within the class and an enjoyable year for all.

Special Events

Special Masses, Reconciliation services, and other special events are offered on the grade level and as a group throughout the year. Watch the monthly R. E. calendar/bulletin and the parish bulletin for specific dates and times.

Sacrament Preparation

There is a two-year preparation period for the reception of the Sacraments.

Children who have been baptized as infants or at a young age are invited to receive First Eucharist and First reconciliation in second grade. Special sacrament classes are provided for older children who need preparation for the sacraments. Parents are asked to assist in the preparation for these sacraments by attending meetings and celebrations that lead to the reception of the sacraments, as well as work at home with their child or children.

Our young people prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation in seventh and eighth grade. Sponsors are an integral part of the preparation. Reception of the Sacrament is in the spring.

Religious Education Class Schedule

Sunday Classes: 10:30 - 12:00 noon
(1st Grade through 8th Grade)

Parents Get Involved in the Learning Process

Each year efforts are being made to include parents in the religious education of their children as well as continued education for themselves. While children are preparing for the reception of a sacrament, parents are informed of changes in the Church teachings and encouraged to renew their appreciation for that sacrament.

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