Baptismal2Sacrament of Baptisms

You must be a registered parishioner to have your child baptized in our Parish.  Baptisms take place the first Sunday of the month at 12:15 p.m. Parental Baptismal Preparation Class is the second Sunday of the month at 12:15 p.m. in Church.

To register for class and for baptism, please contact the rectory.

Baptism-the First Sacrament

"It was like a miracle," parents often say of the birth of their child. "God seemed to be there in the hospital room with us!" There are few events more moving than the birth of a child. As the parents hold new life in their arms, they may be filled with faith in God, with hope for their child, and with love for each other as their eyes fill with tears of joy and awe.
But birth can also make us realize how fragile life is and how quickly it passes. Grandparents whisper to new parents, "It seems only yesterday that we were holding you." Life goes swiftly by, and faith can be lost, hopes dashed, and love weakened. If only there were a birth that did not have to end in death! If only we could be "reborn" to a life where faith, hope, and love could not be destroyed!
Jesus came to give us such a birth. By God's grace any human being can be reborn to a new life that will never end. That birth is baptism, the sacrament which unites us to the life of Christ himself and opens for us the pathway to the other sacraments and to eternal life.
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