First Holy Communion

Your child(ren) must attend Religious Education Classes for two years in order to receive the Sacrament.  You will also need to be baptized either at the same time or before.  There is an extra fee for First Holy Communion of $60.

Holy Communion

If your child(ren) attends Our Lady of Humility School, they will receive the Sacrament through the School in 2nd Grade.

THE EUCHARIST explained...

Throughout two millennia of Christian life and Christian history, from the table of the Last Supper with Jesus and his disciples to the altars of our Churches with our gathered communities eating and drinking today, the celebration of the Eucharist has been the heartbeat of our faith. Though for centuries the frequent reception of the bread and the wine ebbed as the Church lost sight of the importance of the Eucharist as part of the celebration of initiation, we have gradually begun to recover this necessary rite of Christian life experienced together. The Gospel of Mark, the central text of this liturgical Year B, is one of our earliest sources for the practice of this age-old tradition of breaking bread and pouring wine when we come together.
It is not an accident that the basic symbolic elements of the Eucharist are foods that need human effort to become part of the meal. The Eucharist is not apples and water, which could be eaten and drunk just as they are, seconds after being obtained. Rather, grains and grapes take much human preparation to be made into the bread and the wine that become the elements for the celebration of the Eucharist. In other words, the bread and vine suggest that our participating human nature is necessary for the Eucharist, as prescribed by our Churches, take place. This should be a great consolation to us, who can often find our own fragile human natures to be far from things of God. In the bread and the wine of the Eucharist, God is saying, "Now, as in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, human nature is needed for God's presence to be brought into the world." God's gift comes through our human nature and for this we can rejoice.
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