Our Lady Of Humility School – “Where Great Kids Learn Great Things!”

Mission Statement

We are the people of Our Lady of Humility Parish who provide Catholic ministry of work and sacrament. The Catholic school is deemed an important part of this ministry in order to share faith and service in the community.

The mission of Our Lady Of Humility School is to actively engage the minds and sprits of all young people through a Christ-centered education, fostering success and responsibility, one child at a time.


Our Lady of Humility School relies upon the family to provide the basic foundation for spiritual, academic, social, and physical development. The school strives to build upon this groundwork by:

  • Forming a faith community dedicated to worship, service and appreciation of the beliefs and practices of our Roman Catholic traditions.
  • Developing the intellect, encouraging each child to reach his/her full potential.
  • Celebrating each person's unique identity and cultural diversity.
  • Challenging students to be responsible for their learning and accountable for their actions.