Christian Stewardship at its core is the belief that everything we have is a blessing from God. We have been gifted with our life, those who love us and those we love, every talent, and ability, our material possessions, and the world that surrounds and nurtures us. In appreciation for our God-given gifts of time, talent, and treasure, we give back to God in proportion to our many blessings.Stewardship

The ultimate model of Christian stewardship is Jesus himself. He was the Good Steward—the one who shared himself completely and perfectly with others, and Jesus gave himself back to the Father in the fullness of love.

So, how do I respond to God’s invitation to be his disciple? The way we answer this question determines our personal spirituality and the quality of our response to the Lord’s call to be a generous and loving steward.

In today’s climate now more than ever there is a great need to strengthen our parish as we in turn, serve as a vital source of support to parishioners and our community. The light of Christ is in our parish as a community that strives to live as Christ loved and served the disciples and each of us today. Our parish is our spiritual home and an important part of the Universal Church. As a parish, the Lord in so many ways has blessed us. It begins with our Liturgical Celebrations where we listen to the Word of God, and receive Jesus in the Eucharist and then transformed go out to our world to love and serve.

Giving... Time

Giving... Talent

Giving... Treasure